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The big buzz is that retail is dead. Store after store is closing, so it must be true, right?

It's mediocre retail experiences that are dead, but retail as an industry is growing. And Amazon is not the big, bad, unbeatable monster that you think it is. Your opportunity is to toss out your traditional approaches to retail marketing—and focus on serving your customers. Getting to know them at the individual level so that you can converse with them contextually, in the moment. Delivering experiences that grab their attention and engage them by providing real value throughout the journey.

Your retail brand can, in fact, survive—and thrive. But not with the same old strategies. It's time to bring the human back to retail marketing.

Fortune 100 Retailer Drives Business with Signals

To offset declining revenues and high customer attrition, this retailer was challenged with getting to know its customers better and interacting with them more contextually. This retail brand can now use data to optimize channels, protect loyal customers, control downward migrators, increase engagement and more.


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