Harte Hanks Acquires 3Q Digital

Blog Post
March 16, 2015

Today I am pleased to announce Harte Hanks has acquired 3Q digital, a performance marketing agency with extensive expertise in managing digital paid media.  This addition to the Harte Hanks portfolio represents more than just growth for the organization, it represents our commitment to innovate and lead intelligent customer interactions.

The danger of putting your customers on the road to nowhere…

I often hear people talking about creating customer experiences and engaging with customers.  Delivering great customer experience is a complex proposition.  Each customer has the power to choose the path they wish to traverse and marketers have to be nimble enough to deliver continuity and value in that experience. To create the right experiences, one needs to be sure there is connection, relevance and intelligence in every interaction with the brand.

A customer’s journey with your brand is essentially a collection of choices that lead to interactions.  Mapping that journey is the best place to start, and once mapped the key is to understand how much a customer valued those experiences and how likely that path will lead to a positive outcome. More importantly, if those interactions do not seem consistent or relevant to the customer, how do they need to be altered to improve the customer experience and the relationship with the brand?

To change the experience, coordination at the interaction level is required.  Customers don’t establish relationships with marketing channels.  They don’t distinguish between consuming a message via mobile ad or email and they don’t differentiate between a “push” or “pull” activity.  Customers just want what they want, the way and in the moment they want it.  The trick is to be there when it happens and understand what to do in that very moment.  To be ready to interact in a way that is relevant and motivates the customer to take the desired action.

Positive journeys require a compass; that compass is data

Connected and intelligent interactions in a customer experience starts with the use of connecting data and putting it to intelligent use.  Harte Hanks has a rich history of connecting the underlying data in disparate channels like direct mail, email, contact center etc. to drive relevance.  Harte Hanks is evolving the intelligence we are driving in the data through capabilities like “Anonymous to Known“ customer identification, which begins to account for things like connecting device identifiers to the customer view.  3Q Digital has established the same reputation in digital performance marketing.  3Q Digital shares the Harte Hanks philosophy evidence by their ongoing efforts to connect channels and improve decisioning across paid digital media including SEM, display, mobile and social.

The combination of 3Q Digital and Harte Hanks enables us to cover many of the essential interactions that make up the TOTAL customer experience.  Together we will deliver the most connected customer experience possible, defining interaction led marketing.