New Technologies & Enhanced Efficiencies: Key Themes at Call Center Week

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June 25, 2015


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Presenting with Intradiem at Call Center Week 2015

Last week, thousands of customer service executives gathered in Las Vegas at the 16th annual Call Center Week. There are many reasons why Harte Hanks attends this global, premier conference for contact center leaders, and this year was the most heavily attended that I have participated in.

What’s Hot in the Contact Center

One of the critical themes and takeaways in 2015 was that technology is continuing to move at a very fast pace, creating new opportunities for efficiencies when managing a contact center. A noticeable trend was the number of new providers supporting hosted environments from ACD’s, Business Intelligence and Social Support. The energy and the enthusiasm for learning was contagious, and I was encouraged by how many executives were seeking out real technology tools and partners to make their products and services better.

Efficiencies through Data and Automation

Throughout the week, I attended several great sessions and had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a partner of Harte Hanks, Intradiem. Intradiem is the leading provider of Intraday Automation solutions to frontline workforces. We discussed our long-standing partnership, and I highlighted how their solution helps drive automation, tying together real-time and planning data to create more nimble, flexible and smarter business decisions in a Contact Center environment. Our legacy has been built around creating smarter interactions, and Intradiem shares that vision. Together we’ve been able to automate contact center services and better prepare and train agents to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Other notable takeaways from our session include:

  • Contact Center managers are realizing that agents need more training on a regular basis to be better prepared to answer difficult or technical questions. Many call centers are implementing training or task services to improve agent retention and knowledge to better serve customers during agent downtime. This also has helped drive operating costs down while maintaining or improving CX.
  • Finally, we are seeing more and more call center managers trying to leverage real time data to make logical business decisions based on their knowledge of the business. The industry continues to automate tasks that were traditionally completed by a manager. This results in freeing up resource time, adjusting faster to customer demand while improving performance and profitability.

Call Center Week 2015 was all about new technology tools, new entrants into the contact center space, new relationships and, most importantly, creating a smarter, more cost efficient contact center. Check out our new Customer Experience Support case studies.

See you next year!