Meet Karen Puckett, Harte Hanks’ New President and CEO

Blog Post
September 28, 2015

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Six years ago, when I first started working with Harte Hanks as a board director, I was impressed by the company’s commitment to creating smarter customer interactions. Since 2009, Harte Hanks has grown in impressive and necessary ways to stay at the forefront of both the marketing services industry and the digital evolution. We have grown our customer base across technology, financial services, healthcare and retail. We acquired 3Q Digital in March of this year to expand our digital offerings across SEM, mobile marketing and paid social. And through every important achievement, we have kept our focus on the aspects that matter most – our strong customer relationships and our talented employees.

I was delighted to be named Harte Hanks’ new President and Chief Executive Officer on September 14. I’ve learned a lot through my 15-year tenure at CenturyLink, where I helped grow the company into an industry leader in telecom, cloud and managed services. Much of that expertise will be applicable to growing our business and further expanding our capabilities and meeting clients’ needs.

We are in the midst of an exciting time at Harte Hanks. More so than ever before, companies across a myriad of industries are looking to data to drive their marketing strategies and to guide customer engagements in meaningful, memorable and interactive ways. According to Forrester Research, 76 percent of organizations list “improving the experience of our customers” at the top of their business priorities, ahead of growing revenue and reducing costs. Customer-centric business and marketing strategies are growing in importance, and with our heritage in delivering valuable customer interactions, we are in an ideal spot to help our clients reshape their business models to embrace customer centricity.

At Harte Hanks, data analytics and customer insights are in our DNA – it runs through our veins. And we will continue to deliver innovative, leading products that leverage those data analytics. We have a strong track record of enabling smarter customer interactions and an even stronger upcoming product roadmap to enable our clients to break through the noise across all channels and build brand loyalty.

It is an honor to lead Harte Hanks in this next chapter of growth and industry leadership. We are well positioned to shape the future of smarter customer interactions, and it all starts with continuing to build and motivate the team of talented individuals here at Harte Hanks.