Key Takeaways from 3Q Digital Summit (Part 2)

Blog Post
October 14, 2015

Mobile and Digital Trends


Last week, we shared some key insights from our 3Q Digital Growth Summit at Levi’s Stadium, where we hosted 150 colleagues, partners, and clients to discuss the newest and most critical trends in digital.

Today, I’m breaking down the conversations and takeaways from our more intimate fireside chats and client panels and spotlights. Read on for insights from SurvkeyMonkey, PicsArt and more.

Fireside Segment 5: Stay Ahead of the Mobile Curve

Participants: Moderator: Craig Weinberg, VP of Mobile Strategy, 3Q Digital; Wilson Kriegel, CBO, PicsArt

Panel/Topic summary: PicsArt is a full-featured mobile photo editor, collage maker, drawing tool, and social network for artists that draw 99.9% of its audience and engagement from mobile. The company is an example of how to build success and a vast, active audience (it is second to Instagram as highest- rated app) using mobile and emerging mobile audiences as its core.

Key Takeaways

  • Lifecycle management and data is crucial in building mobile strategies.
  • Get analytics in place to measure time of use, frequency of use, and value by users segmented by geo and age
  • Don’t assume the iTunes store works better and gets more valuable users; PicsArt has had equal success on Android – especially given that developing countries tend to skew towards Android.
  • “Don’t try to compete on desktop if competitors have already nailed the desktop experience. Find new mobile audiences – go young and global.”

Client Panel 6 – Today’s Digital Issues

Participants: Moderator: Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company; Slaton Carter, Director of Digital Marketing, The Real Real; Erica Yoon, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Sungevity; Matt O’Day, Digital Marketing Lead, Square

Panel/Topic summary: Our client panel featured experts from Square, Sungevity, and The Real Real – three fast-growing companies experiencing different challenges over their respective arcs.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar provider Sungevity recently added a product for businesses to go with its residential offering; the challenge has been creating messaging that stands out with competitors saying the same thing (save money).
  • For The Real Real, a consignment luxury ecommerce company, personalization is the next hurdle to building on its already rapid growth.
  • Square started as a financial payment solution, but it’s grown and expanded so quickly over the past two years that the next challenge is becoming widely known for everything it provides, not just the flagship product.
  • “Gathering the data and bringing it together in an actionable form will be the next big step.”
  • Client Spotlight 7: SurveyMonkey

    Participants: Ada Chen Rekhi, VP of Marketing, SurveyMonkey

    Panel/Topic summary: SurveyMonkey, a true Silicon Valley unicorn, has raised over $1B in funding since its founding in 1999. VP of Marketing Ada Chen Rekhi discussed the company’s success factors in international expansion.

    Key Takeaways

    The market is changing; there are more huge international companies and a greater percentage of international users than ever. To succeed in the international market, a company must:

    • Speak their language.
    • Transact in their currency.
    • Focus on expanding international and content creation processes – including landing pages.
    • Structure a pre-plan – determine currency and time zones.
    • Keep testing – is this scalable?
    • Partner to go international – leverage partners to scale.
    • Understand translation vs. localization. Translation is straight text for text. Localization is understanding psychographic intent of people and what they prefer in their geos.
    • “Six years ago, SurveyMonkey had 4 employees. Now we have 650. Much of that is due to international expansion.”