Four of the Best 2018 Echo Award Submissions

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August 23, 2018

I recently completed the privileged role of chairing four judging panels at this year’s DMA International Echo Awards in New York City. I was joined by over 100 judges, reviewing shortlisted submissions from over 20 countries across three grueling days.

The work that I’ve selected below typifies the Echo’s data-driven storytelling brand positioning, celebrating the very best of combined strategy, creativity and results for global brands by customer engagement agencies.

While the results must stay confidential (until October 7th in Las Vegas), I wanted to share some of the work that I admired, loved, coveted and begrudgingly wished I’d done myself! All of these entries have been shortlisted––review the announcement now.

Visa Wellington on a Plate: Welly Beans

Let’s start with a beautifully-formed, integrated campaign that was initiated by direct mail
(to micro-influencers) to seed awareness and drive ticket sales for a Visa-sponsored Food Festival. A very sound strategic approach to making a budget stretch further, the campaign comprised of jelly bean kit, video, social and ecommerce platforms.

View the Case Study Film:

Welly Beans for Visa Wellington on a Plate from Colenso BBDO on Vimeo.

Pedigree: SelfieSTIX

An incredibly clever yet cute campaign that uses mobile technology to create a memorable, ownable experience for dog owners. From physical product design to
facial recognition software innovation, the SelfieSTIX Holder and App helps dog
owners capture selfie-beautiful smiles with Snapchat-inspired filters.

View the Case Study Film:

PEDIGREE® SelfieSTIX Case Study from Colenso BBDO on Vimeo.

PFLAG Canada: Destination Pride

Once in a while, an idea surfaces that’s so incredibly simple, yet so totally powerful, that it changes the game for everyone who sees it. Destination Pride is one such concept. Visualizing socio-political data––by using the Pride Flag as a bar chart––
is mind-blowingly effective … yet this inspired platform idea goes so much further.

View the Case Study Film:

Destination Pride case study version 1 from The Work on Vimeo.


So. Um. Where to start?! Totally brilliant planning and behavior research leads to an emerging content trend amongst younger generations. Stunning film craft leads to a 25 (yes twenty-five) minute ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response—something the “kids” are into these days to relax and fall asleep to) video promoting Back to College Product Lines. Results conclusively prove that “experts no nothing” when it comes to the zeitgeist of video viewing. Listen …. just watch the video :D

View the Case Study Film.

So, there you go. Just four out of the 650+ submissions. Tough to be this reductionist. In time, you’ll all get to see many more campaigns and how they proved successful for brands and their customers, once again showcasing that marketing can be creative and effective when you use great data in innovative ways.

Oh. One more thing: I’d be a very bad leader if I didn’t also promote the outstanding work my team created this year for one of our favorite retail clients.

ThinkGeek: Versus

In the early stages of discovery, we unearthed a new buyer segment that had been hidden previously—the Geek Gifter—and rapidly built a campaign to capitalize during 2017 holiday season. A perfectly-crafted combination of email and social, orchestrated to support their buyer’s journey, led to significant ROI and YOY improvements.

Couldn’t be more proud of our finalist spot in three different categories, so I guess we’ll see everyone in Vegas!

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