The Chemical X of Social Selling

Blog Post
February 12, 2020

How would you rate your digital sales strategy? Is there space for growth or improvement? Or have you already found the perfect sales recipe? Are you perhaps relying exclusively on email marketing or cold calls?

Here’s a hint: sellers can access superpowers and soar through the pipelines. How? Glad you asked. By adding a special ingredient, the Chemical X if you will: cross-channel sales cadence. Or X-Channel, for the pun aficionados.

What is X-Channel cadence

The X-Channel cadence is a sales strategy consisting of a series of touches performed through multiple channels over a specific time span. This strategy aims to increase the chances of getting the message across and driving response and meaningful interaction. It bridges the gap between marketing and sales by allowing for the incorporation of email marketing, cold calls, social media marketing, social selling and any other social or marketing campaign activities you’d want.


Why X-Channel

What’s the point of using multiple channels when we know some of them are more efficient than others? The answer is simple: you need to be where your prospects are. And B2B prospects are notoriously tough, so they require a bit of chasing. Studies show that between 7 to 12 touches are required for a positive interaction, with 9 touches being the sweet spot.

9 notifications@3x Imagine a one-sided conversation on social media: 9 LinkedIn InMails and no answer—basically what social selling looks like most of the time. Or 9 voicemails. Or 9 declined calls. Or 9 unread emails. Looks a bit sad, doesn’t it? 

Interacting cross-channel allows you to increase the number of touches without seeming pestering, while also increasing the possibility of response by covering multiple media of communication. I usually tend to ignore pitch emails (after I critique them to an inch of their worth), but it feels rude not to answer when somebody leaves a comment on one of my social media posts.  

Add one more important factor to this: X-Channel enables flexibility. Depending on response rate, data available and tools at your disposal, it may be more difficult or less advisable to use some channels. Having access and strategizing for multiple channels will cover for this issue.


How to build a X-Channel cadence sales strategy

After you decide on an audience and have a contact database on hand, follow these steps:

1. Start by deciding what channels you should employ. 
select chan Here are some key considerations:
  • Contact data available. Do you have email or physical addresses? Phone numbers? LinkedIn profiles or Twitter handles?
  • Cost and accessibility. What tools do you already have access to?
  • Seller capacity and abilities. How many do you have? What are they specialized in?
  • Possible media of communication: social media, phone calls, voicemail, email, mailers, text messages and even video and chat.
2. Make a calendar for the cadence and decide when and what touches should be made.

Studies show that beginning a cadence with an e-mail and following up with a call renders more results than any other initial sequence of touches. The combination of email marketing and cold calls is already a well-established sales strategy!

  • Leave between one and four days between touches.
  • Plan for a maximum of 25 calendar days.
  • You can plan for two touches in the same day, but make sure to use different media.
  • If they don’t answer a call, have a voicemail script prepared.
  • Consider the best time to make a touch—when are your contacts more active?

Pro tip: calls are best initiated between 2 – 4pm the prospect’s time.

3. Choose the best content pieces (articles, PDFs, e-books, videos, infographics, etc.) and high value assets around which to build your message.
  • Start on an informative tone.
  • Add exclusive content, favors and perks as the cadence evolves—involve your website funnel by sharing articles or gated assets.
  • Plan for a high-value asset toward the end of the campaign, such as a free demo or a free product (it could be a report or an analysis).
  • Consider making the last touch an informative one—a last attempt at hooking the target audience.
4. When you have decided on your message, write the content for all touches and possible flows. 
 content Involve colleagues and SMEs from your company in testing and improving the messages and flows.
 5. Make sure your sellers’ social profiles are up to par.
 profile Find out more about this in our article touching on some aspects of social selling, 3 Simple Steps to Start Your Social Selling Journey. Make sure they already have some related activity before the debut of the cadence—shares, comments, articles…
6. As a warm-up, ask sellers to request connections from all prospects on their social media pages. 
 connection Even if you have only two or three prospects for each company, don’t shy away from adding more from each company to widen your audience, even if you don’t engage directly.

And now, you can dive into the cadence!


Empower your sales activity with a X-Channel cadence

Just as the Chemical X brought about the superpowers, so can a X-Channel cadence empower your sales strategy and its results. Whether you need a push in your sales activity or you are already doing a great job, the X-Channel cadence will bring it to the next level, making you seem as if you had a superpower.

And that superpower is increased lead engagement.