Employee Well-Being: Your Company’s Immune System

Blog Post
April 17, 2020

We are seeing a shift from business as usual to unusual business. Quite frankly, it can be a scary feeling, but our history proves we will come out of these times even stronger.

Now is your chance to show how you can help. Prove to your employees that you are all-in on their well-being.

  • 1. Create a safe space for conversation

    While adjusting to new emotions, people’s behavior is changing. As we practice social distancing, the need for conversation is more and more obvious. Take the time to organize a round table or encourage your employees to reach out for one-on-one conversations. Call for volunteers to assign support ambassadors who can give out a kind word to the community.


  • 2. Keep employees connected

    Nothing perks me up like a clear brief and that fresh feedback after a job well done. That feeling of being needed, of my work having a purpose is what keeps me motivated to give my best. The easiest thing you can do for your employee is to be clear in your request and recognize the efforts they put into seeing it through.


  • 3. Set goals together

    No, I’m not talking about business goals—you probably have them figured out by now. Instead, these goals should cover what we can do to improve ourselves, such as meditation, fitness or reading. We’re all built differently, so start the conversation and encourage each employee to choose what they feel would be most helpful to them. From there, set some dates to chat, give progress updates and discuss about what they learned from the experience.

    For example, I started meditating—an unusual pick for me—and one day I just found myself bursting into laughter, mid-meditation. In that moment I realised how grateful I am for my dogs, which were snoring loudly next to me and my husband’s random song fragments, and how much I still have left to learn about myself. It made me feel like I have so much more potential to do great things.


  • 4. Give them the tools to achieve their goals

    Create a special section in your chat platforms just for off-work talk specific to tips and tricks that spark joy. Think about adding in some jokes (my colleagues sure do love those dad jokes).

    Here’s an example of some guidelines to try and keep your employees engaged:

    Do you know a delicious, healthy recipe? Post it.

    Did you hear of a fitness app giving free subscriptions? Share it.

    Are you just the best when it comes to making mixtapes? Stream it.

    Was the book you just finished the best thing since sliced bread? Recommend it.


  • 5. Don’t forget the virtual happy hour

  • How else would you end a productive week? Obviously, with music, jokes, games and maybe a little something extra in that soda glass. Invite your employees to a video call, propose a theme or a list of online board games and just let the stress melt away.


    Employee well-being is not just about their physical health, it’s about their overall health, happiness and how comfortable you make them feel in their work environment. There is no downside to looking after your employees. They are your closest community. They have the power to become your best, most loyal brand advocates. Because in the end, they are your brand.