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The power of Content

Content. Content. Content. It’s far more than a seven letter buzzword, it’s the beating heart of your buyer’s journey and the key to being more human in your marketing. Get it right, make it valuable and deliver it in the moments that matter and you’ll spark people’s intrigue and earn their trust.

To create relevant content that gets a positive response, you need to shift focus from the traditional ‘what can I sell you?’ approach and focus more on ’how can I help you?’ Because if we’re expecting buyers to give us a slice of their precious time and attention, we need to give them something in return.

This is called return on attention (ROA) – and it’s one of the most important metrics today.

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Return on attention

Every interaction with a customer – be it an email, direct mail, a tweet or a video – should provide value and speak to buyer’s individual personas based on where they are in their journey. Providing return on attention is vital today, so when you’re creating your content, always ask yourself:

‘What am I giving my customer in return for their attention? Does the content help them solve their problem or weigh up their options? Will they be entertained? Inspired? Educated?’

“Customers will gladly pay for the opportunity to increase return on attention and find ever more sophisticated ways to evade the class push model of advertising.”

John Hagel, Co-Chairman for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge




To produce useful, valuable content, you need to understand where they are in their buyer’s journey and align your messaging accordingly. This involves providing one of three types of content.


This is content that informs and educates, giving the buyer useful information about things they care about at the business and market level – not just your products or services.


This is the juicy thought leadership content that serves up a perspective, a point of view – to help people in their decision-making process.


Only once you’ve helped people learn or evaluate should you share content about your brand or product and how it can help them solve their challenge.


win attention

Win attention and build trust in a competitive market

connect people

Connect with people in contextual ways that truly resonate

moments matter

Make sure your brand is there in the moments that matter

engage share

Deliver valuable content that people want to engage with and share

emotional connection

Create a positive emotional connection with people on every channel


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