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Disengaged to sales-ready: the power of lead nurturing


In 2012, the Microsoft UK Enterprise sales team struggled to convert marketing-generated leads into revenue; disengagement was 80%. Our challenge was to create a better customer experience through partner integration, and fill the pipeline with fully qualified leads to increase marketing ROI.


Using propensity modeling and smart analytics, we provided key insights into how B2B buyers make decisions. To ensure leads were fostered throughout the sales cycle, we crafted and followed up on tailored emails. Qualified individuals were nurtured with intelligent telemarketing until they were sales-ready, then referred to Microsoft’s partners.

Through our strategic plan, a fully qualified pipeline was delivered on Microsoft UK’s monetary goals within 7 months. The plan’s impact included a ten-fold improvement in ROI compared the previous year (2.4 to 22.)


Increase in value of opportunities

Increase in value of opportunities

Increase in fully qualified sales-accepted leads

Increase in fully qualified, sales-accepted leads

Reduction in disengagement

Reduction in disengagement