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We decode real-time human behavior to reveal business opportunities.

“We get that data isn't perfect. We know what to focus on, where the noise is and how to get the most out of what you've got—our job is helping the data get better over time.”

—Dan Rubin, Head of Analytics

Zero to 100 mph
Very quickly, we’ll analyze your data and produce actionable, meaningful insights that drive results. We start with whatever you give us, and we don't rely on canned data.
More than 10,000 models
Our experts have been doing this ever since Ross and Rachel were a thing. We understand data is constantly changing, and we offer decades of best practices to bring innovative solutions to your business.
We bring data to life
Through our full complement of data services, we identify audience groups and bring forward colorful, descriptive, insightful tells about customers.
  • Customer analysis
  • Measurement and dashboarding
  • Predictive analytics, marketing mix models and attribution
  • Segmentation
  • Business intelligence
  • Retainer-based and project-focused support
Data & Analytics in action

How lead nurturing boosted sales for Microsoft

Leads nurtured and sales-ready, we supported Microsoft UK to deliver on their monetary goals in just seven months, as well as creating a 343% increase in qualified leads. How? Thanks to propensity modeling and smart analytics that fueled more effective telemarketing. Take a deeper look at how we did it.

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