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Interactions that build lifelong loyalty

“If you ask our contact center employees who they work for, they probably won’t say Harte Hanks. They’ll tell you the brand they serve. They are truly an extension of your team.”

—Benjamin Chacko, Head of Contact Center

Stronger customer relationships
We know your brand, understand your customers, and help you deliver relevant, engaging and memorable customer interactions across phone, email, chat, self-service, bots and social channels.
Smarter, more successful interactions
We combine consumer behavioral data and predictive insights to interact with each customer in the most efficient and effective way—improving customer satisfaction and optimizing business results.
The sky’s the limit
No need to purchase and install the latest software and telephony, we offer rapidly scalable workforce management solutions with domestic, offshore and near-shore locations.
  • Customer experience planning and CRM development
  • Voice, email, chat, SMS, social and in-app
  • Content moderation
  • Claims processing
  • Consulting and professional services
  • Intelligent automation
Customer Support in action

How building and training a team of 7,000 agents exceeded customer expectations by 430%

With a large entertainment provider gearing up to launch a subscription service to millions of customers, they needed a contact center that could scale quickly to handle all customer inquiries and offer technical support. We partnered with them to provide customer care across multiple channels: social, phone, email and chat. How? By sourcing and training 7,000 agents in a tight timeframe, surpassing customer expectations by 430%, and reducing handle times.

The full story

See how we can improve your interactions, enhance your customer experiences and optimize your business results.