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We are delivery experts with an edge.

“Eighty percent of the world’s commerce travels by truck. People want physical, modern brand experiences, so we follow people’s behavioral cues to define what and how they want to receive.”

—Renee Colucci, VP, Client Services

Allink® 360 Logistics
Use single-dashboard technology to quickly determine the best carrier, route and rate for your shipments; track and trace packages; generate custom reports and documents; and more.
Experience, reliability and complete support
With more than three million time-sensitive shipments completed annually, we’re a partner that countless businesses count on—every single day.
Print and production
From speedy, personalized digital printing to time-sensitive delivery, we have the in-house experience to take you from creative strategy to flawless post-production.
  • Shipping, including truckload, LTL and small parcel
  • ERP and eCommerce integration
  • Browser-based quotes/rates
  • EDI/API integration
  • Shipping and metrics reporting integration
  • State-of-the-art digital printing, bindery and finishing services
Direct Mail and Logistics in action


Today’s buyers are increasingly skeptical of digital marketing. They must sift through thousands of digital ads encountered every day through email, browsers, and social media. In contrast, there is much less competition in the postal mail box. But it's not an either/or scenario. To maximize marketing ROI, we must tap the inherent strengths of direct mail and integrate it into omnichannel strategies, metrics and execution plans.

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